The name Leah Marlene is the pen name of a Canadian singer-songwriter. Her television career began in 2022 with the ABC singing reality show American Idol Season 20.

Leah Marlene
Leah Marlene

An Illinois-based musician, artist, and producer, Leah Marlene is just 20 years old. After moving to Illinois with her family as a child, she was born in Toronto, Canada.

To this day, she has performed all across Illinois, Nashville, and Canada since she was 10 years old. Leah was a frequent visitor to Nashville from Illinois during her high school years, when she studied songwriting, recording, and live performance in order to further her career.

After spending two years in Nashville studying songwriting at Belmont University, she has returned to the Midwest to begin work on her second record.

When it comes to her singing and composition, there’s nothing like Leah’s unique voice and eclectic mix of styles. She’s been putting out original music since she was 13, and her most recent release, “Noise,” is the album’s sole track.

In addition to her own work, she records and produces music for a wide range of other artists as well. Leah’s biggest wish is that her music may meet you exactly where you are and help you experience whatever it is that you need to feel at a given moment. Leah loves people.

Leah Marlene’s Mom: Meet Leah Marlene’s Mother Deanna Grehan

Deanna Grehan is the proud mother of singer Leah Marlene. Deanna is married to Derry Grehan, who happens to be Marlene’s father. Derry is an acclaimed musician, playing as a guitarist in the Canadian band Honeymoon Suite.

Deanna teaches yoga. She is also a nature lover and believes that family and health are of the utmost importance to her. She has a great affection for dogs.


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