Known as the AL East, the American League East is one of six divisions in the MLB (MLB).

Each of MLB’s two 15-team leagues, the American League (AL) and the National League (NL), has an East, Central, and West division (NL). Before the 1969 season, this division and the American League West division were formed. Before then, there were no divisions in the leagues; they were all made up of the same 10 clubs.

The Eastern United States is home to four of the division’s five clubs, while the Toronto Blue Jays are situated in Eastern Canada. It is the only category in which a team from outside the United States presently competes. If a club wins their division in MLB, they are guaranteed a postseason position in the American League (AL).  In 2021, the Tampa Bay Rays were the division champions.

Writings about the American League East have long held this belief;
Since its inception, the American League East has sent a team to the World Series 27 times, with 16 of those teams winning the championship. The American League East has produced 20 of the league’s 31 wild-card clubs since the wild-card playoffs were instituted in 1995. (the AL West seven, and the AL Central five).

In contrast to the National League, the American League’s 12 teams were divided strictly geographically when MLB broke into divisions for the 1969 season. Each of the six clubs in the Eastern Time Zone was assigned to the AL East, while the six in the Western Time Zone were assigned to AL West.

How Many AL East Division Titles has the Tampa Bay Rays Won:

The Tampa Bay Rays have won the AL East Division title 4 times. The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Miami Marlins 7-3 to become the American League East champions for 2021.

List of All AL East Division Titles Won By Tampa Bay Rays:






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