Toronto Blue Jays have won the AL East Division Title six times between 1985,1989,1991,1992,1993 and 2015.

Major League Baseball’s Eastern Division (often referred to as the AL East) is one of six divisions (MLB). Each of MLB’s two 15-team leagues, the American League (AL) and National League (NL), has an East, Central, and West division (NL).

Before the 1969 season, this division and the American League West division were formed. Before then, there were no divisions in the leagues; they were all made up of the same 10 clubs.

With the exception of the Toronto Blue Jays, all five clubs in the Eastern Division are situated in the United States or Canada. The division presently has the only non-American team in it.

There has long been a belief among sportswriters and fans alike that the American League East division is the hardest in the league, with 27 AL East teams going on to participate in the World Series, and 16 of those teams going on to win the World Series.

There have been 20 American League wild-card clubs from the AL East since 1995, when a postseason berth was added (the AL West seven, and the AL Central five) one of the five postseason positions in the American League. The Tampa Bay Rays were the last club to win this division in 2021.

Here is a List of all AL East Division Titles won by the Toronto Blue Jays:


With a powerful offensive and solid pitching, Toronto finished with the second-best record in Major League Baseball in 1985 (99–62,.615), winning the American League East by two games over the New York Yankees and capturing the World Series that year.


The Blue Jays ended with an 89–73 record during the regular season in 1989 (.549). However, they won the American League East division title by a considerably narrower margin than they did the World Series, prevailing by only two games over the Baltimore Orioles.


October 2, 1991: The Blue Jays clinched the American League East title in a 6-5 walk-off win over the California Angels. Joe Carter hit the game-winning single. The Jays also became the first team to have their season attendance pass the 4 million mark.


The Toronto Blue Jays finished the 1992 season with a record of 96–66, four games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers in the American League East. Moreover, they were the first team in 49 years to go the full season without being beaten in any of their games.


The Blue Jays triumphed 3-1 and captured the American League East Division on October 3 thanks to a one-hitter from Juan Guzmán and a save from Duane Ward.


The club won the American League East Division on September 30 and started the playoffs by defeating the Texas Rangers in five games in the AL Division Series.


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