List of All Rapper Rapper Coolio’s Children and Their Mothers

Coolio children

The death of Coolio, the star of the smash song “Gangsta Paradise,” has left the hip-hop community in shock.

The love life of the late rapper Coolio of Gangsta’s Paradise attracted just as much interest as his musical career.

After hearing the heartbreaking news of Coolio’s passing, fans are reviewing the singer’s past relationships and romantic relationships.

Coolio has more than one baby mama. These include his wife Josefa, his girlfriend Anabella, and his ex-girlfriend Mimi Ivey.

Rapper Coolio had ten kids and had numerous relationships with other women.

In 1996, the rapper was married to Josefa Salinas; they divorced in 2000. The former couple shared four kids.

Coolio children
Coolio children

List of All Rapper Rapper Coolio’s Children and Their Mothers

With the exception of Josefa Salinas, the names of each of Coolio’s baby mothers are not known at the moment.

Josefa Salinas, Anabella Chatman, and Mimi Ivey are just a few of Coolio’s lovers from his past relationships. Rapper Coolio’s known relationships with ladies included:

  1. Josefa Salinas
  2. Nora Amile
  3. Adina Howard
  4. Anabella Chatman
  5. Mimi Ivey

Coolio also has a large family from past partnerships. Reports indicate that Anabella Chatman and Coolio have a son together.

Mimi Ivey was another ex-girlfriend of the Grammy-winning rapper. Time spent between Coolio and Mimi Ivey was extensive.

This couple has a good chance of having kids. Although rumors have circulated, no one has confirmed that Coolio and Mimi Ivey had kids together.

The names of Coolio’s kids from his many childbearing relationships are:

  1. Grtis Ivey
  2. Brandi Ivey
  3. Milan Ivey
  4. Darius Ivey
  5. Zhaneand Ivey
  6. Jackie Ivey
  7. Kate Ivey
  8. Shayne Ivey
  9. Artisha Ivey
  10. Artis Ivey III

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