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List of All West Division Titles Won By Seattle Mariners

Enfranchised in 1977, the Mariners dominated 116 matches in 2001, which set the American League record for most successes in a solitary season and tied the 1906 Chicago Cubs for the Major League record for most successes in a solitary season.

Beginning around 2001, the Mariners have battled to track down progress. Starting at 2021, the establishment has wrapped up with a losing record in 30 of 45 seasons. The Mariners are one of six Major League Baseball crews who have always lost a World Series title, and they are the main group to have never played in a World Series. They at present hold the longest dynamic season finisher dry spell in Major League Baseball, having not qualified for the postseason since their 116-win season in 2001.

Starting at 2021, the Mariners’ unequaled win-misfortune record is 3,336-3,727 (.472). Aside from these championships, the Seattle Mariners are proud winners of West Division Titles.

List of All West Division Titles Won By Seattle Mariners

  • 1995 – The 1995 Seattle Mariners season was the 19th in the history of the franchise. The team finished with a regular-season record of 79–66 (. 545) to win their first American League West title against the Mariners defeated the Angels 9–1 to make the postseason for the first time in franchise history.


  • 1997 – The Seattle Mariner’s 1997 season was their 21st season, and the team won their second American League West title, with a record of 90–72 (.556), six games ahead of the runner-up Anaheim Angels.


  • 2001 – The 2001 Mariners club finished with a record of 116–46, leading all of Major League Baseball in winning percentage for the duration of the season and easily winning the American League West division championship.
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