The year 2022 will be 61years since Texas Rangers was formed. It is also to be noted that during its early years they were called Washington (D.C) Senators. After 1978, the team was relocated to Arlington and the name Rangers was adopted to honor the tough police personnel of Texas.

Broadcasting in sports is a major sector of every team. With broadcasting, the teams and spectators are made aware of the current happenings on the field of play. Broadcasting even goes a long way to fans forming a bit of a connection or love for a particular athlete.

Who are the Texas Rangers TV and Radio Broadcasters 2022?

With the season hoping to start in April, teams and spectators are gearing up for some chills and drills. But even before that, there are some pre-season matches to be played. As we look forward to the upcoming season we also look forward to seeing broadcasters do their thing for the Rangers. Here is a list of Texas Rangers broadcasters for 2022;

Dave Raymond (Television Play-by-play)


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