Los Angeles Angels Team Colors And Jerseys for 2022

For every sports personnel or team, colors are necessary because they depict something unique or carry some inherent traits. So is it for jerseys because they do represent the sport you are in?

Firstly, who are the Los Angeles Angels?

The Los Angeles Angels are an American professional baseball team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The club was established in 1961and does compete in Major League Baseball(MLB).

Over the years, several baseball teams have changed names, colors, or jerseys and the Los Angeles Angels are no exception. But one thing remains certain, that each team must have a home, road, and alternate jersey. In this article, we look at the colors and jerseys for 2022 for Los Angeles Angels.

Colors and Jersey For Los Angeles Angels 2022.

The colors of Los Angeles Angels are Red, Navy Blue, White, and Silver. 

The game of baseball requires that each team has a home, road and alternate jersey.

Home Jersey.

The Home jersey is white in color with the bold inscription of ANGELS on the chest of it. The ANGELS also bears the logo of the Team that the A with a hallowed ring on it. The neck is engrossed with a red lining as well as the sleeves of the shirt. On the back f the jersey is the name and number the player plays on the field.

Road Jersey

The team’s jersey is gray just like every other baseball team. There is a red piece of fabric placed round the neck region of the shirt as well as both arms just as in the picture you see beneath. On the chest of the jersey is the inscription ANGELS. On the back of the jersey is the name and number of the player. Also they are outlined with a navy blue fabric to make them stand-out.

Alternate Jersey

A number of teams have quite a number of alternate jersey. Some 1, 2  and even 3 for some teams but the Angels have just one alternate jersey. The jersey is red in color with the inscription ANGELS on the chest. The ANGELS bears the logo of the team as well that is the A with a hallowed ring on it. On the back of the jersey is the number of the player as well as the name of the player. The ANGELS, number and name of player is outlined with a white colored fabric.

With the wearing of these jerseys, the players put on white pants for the home and alternate jersey but the road shirts are worn over gray pants. The also do put on red belts.

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