Who Are The Best Los Angeles’ Best Defensive Tacklers Of All-Time ?

Melvin Ingram (2010-2019)

You could easily make the case for Melvin Ingram being the best defensive player for the Los Angeles Chargers in the entire decade. He finished the decade with the second-highest AV, the second-most games played, tied for the most Pro Bowls with Weddle and the most sacks.

And that is all coming from someone who has been a late bloomer in his career and for a while did not seem like he was going to take that extra step. He was good, but it was not until the 2017 season that we saw his full potential.

Ingram did play outside linebacker for most of the decade but his transition onto the defensive line as the team’s right end is what has made him so successful, so that is where he fits in on this team.

Corey Liuget (2011-2018)

Corey Liuget is up high on the Chargers’ decade stats as well. Liuget has the third-most sacks of any defensive player in the 2010s (most for a defensive tackle), the most games played and the third-highest AV.

No other defensive tackle even comes close to Liuget in terms of how much he produced to the team in his eight seasons. Unfortunately, though, he never made a Pro Bowl.

Brandon Mebane (2016-2019)

Like cornerback, there have been some solid names to rotate at defensive tackle that has kept the position rather decent, but there is no standout second name. Brandon Mebane did the most to earn it, as he has the second-most starts of any defensive tackle, trailing Liuget, as well as the second-highest AV.

Mebane was better used in run defense schemes as he only recorded three sacks throughout the entire decade but was solid in helping stop the run. His best seasons came in Seattle, but he was more than good enough with the Bolts.

Joey Bosa (2016-2019)

Joey is talented enough to win the Defensive Player of the Year award. In fact, if you compare his 2017 numbers to that year’s winner, Aaron Donald, then the case is pretty easy to make.

Bosa trails only Ingram in total sacks in the decade, trailing him by nine sacks despite having less than half the total number of games played. Bosa has 40 sacks in just 49 games started and is eighth in the entire league in total sacks since his career started.

It is important to note that he missed most of his third season and missed four games in his rookie season. Out of everyone else in the top 10, Bosa is the only player that does not have at least 60 total games, he has only 51.


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