Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann have two other children, 16-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

While Maddie’s face is instantly recognizable throughout the world, nothing is known about the two siblings she was sleeping with when she was allegedly kidnapped from her crib.

At the time of their sister’s abduction, the twins were just two years old.

Sean and Amelie
Sean and Amelie


Meet Madeleine McCann’s Siblings Sean and Amelie

Sean and Amelie, who are now both 16 years old, have no publicly available images.

Despite their parents’ public awareness campaign including the media and police in an attempt to locate Maddie, they maintain a low profile and are never captured by the press.

In their small village, the twins attend a local Catholic high school.

Sean and Amelie are both promising athletes who compete in swimming, triathlons, and cross-country races.

Sean and Amelie’s lives have been clouded by the loss of their sister, despite their parents’ best efforts to provide them with a normal childhood.

Sean and Amelie
Sean and Amelie

The family’s coping mechanism is to keep busy, but it will never be enough to fill the emptiness created by Maddie’s absence.

“They have their own friends, keep active, and are very athletic, but their sole want is for their older sister to return home.”

Despite the fact that all of Kate’s children were little at the time of the tragedy, Amelie and Sean remember Maddie and talk about her frequently, according to Kate.

In 2015, Kate told The Sun, “The twins are doing absolutely well.”

“They’re up to speed, they’re aware of everything, and they’re aware whether we’ll be meeting with the cops. Nothing is hidden from them.” ” They’ve basically grown up without Madeleine, knowing that she’s gone missing and that they want her back.


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