Mary Fitzpatrick is an Irish Fianna Fáil politician who was born 20 February 1969, and has been a Dublin City Councillor since May 2019, having previously served between 2004 and 2014.

Fitzpatrick, her father, left Ireland in the 1980s, living and working in the hospitality, manufacturing, education, and construction industries. She worked in International Sales and Marketing from the early 1990s.

Fitzpatrick was co-opted to Dublin City Council in 2003 to replace her father, Dermot Fitzpatrick, who resigned when the Local Government Act 2001 made incumbent members of the Oireachtas unable to hold local council seats. She was re-elected in the 2004 municipal elections with more than 10% of the vote

In the 2009 Dublin municipal elections, Fitzpatrick was the sole Fianna Fáil candidate to be elected on the first count. The huge disparity between Fitzpatrick’s result and that of Maurice Ahern, the previous Taoiseach’s brother who lost his council seat, was seen as a reaction to perceived unfairness in Fitzpatrick’s treatment by the “Ahern machine” or the “Drumcondra mafia.”

She was nominated for Seanad election on the Administrative Panel as part of Micheál Martin’s effort to rebuild a shattered Fianna Fáil party, however, she was not elected. Fitzpatrick was the highest polling candidate in the 2011 Seanad election but was not elected as a result of Seanad’s “inside/outside” election procedures.

Mary Fitzpatrick Net Worth

Mary Fitzpatrick’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million – $8 million dollars


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