Matthey Berry is a columnist, television personality, fantasy sports analyst, and writer. He currently works as a senior fantasy sports analyst for ESPN.

At the commencement of his career, Matthey began writing, even penning some prototype TV episodes and movie scripts. But he didn’t have much success with his writing, so he changed his line of work.

Matthew Berry Siblings: Who is Matthew Berry's Brother Jonathan Berry?
Matthew Berry Siblings: Who is Matthew Berry’s Brother Jonathan Berry?

As a result, he started a new career as a content writer for Rotoworld before starting his own fantasy sports website,, in 2004. Berry was recruited by ESPN in 2007 to serve as their senior fantasy football pundit after his website became a success.

Beth  Berry is known to be the famed wife of famous TV personality Matthew Berry. Five children have been born to the Berry couple since their marriage began in 2014.

Who is Matthew Berry’s Brother Jonathan Berry?

Jonathan Berry is popularly known to be the famed brother of content writer Mattew Berry. Nancy and Leonard Berry gave birth to Jonathan Berry in Denver, Colorado.

The family relocated multiple times, living in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Atlanta among other places. His mother served as the city’s first lady, while his father works as a professor at Texas A&M University.

There is not much information about Jonathan Berry on the internet as he is not a celebrity or a very famous person.


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