Maury Wills, a legendary player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has passed away at the age of 89.

In a statement that was made public on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Dodgers expressed their condolences on the news of the demise of team legend Maury Wills. “We are thinking of Wills’ family, teammates, and friends during this difficult time.”

Maury Wills Cause of Death

According to a press release, he passed away on Monday night at his residence in the city of Sedona, Arizona. The reason for his passing away has not been disclosed.

Wills retired with 586 stolen bases, which is still good enough for 20th place all-time and earned him the reputation as one of the best base runners in the history of baseball.

More significantly, the seven-time All-Star shortstop led the Dodgers to three World Series victories and was chosen as the 1962 National League MVP, beating out greats like Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, and teammates Tommy Davis and Don Drysdale.

On Tuesday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was quoted as saying, “This is a tough one for me,” while he was apparently fighting back tears as he made the statement.

Roberts, who is now 50 years old, stated that “Maury was enormously significant to me, both personally and professionally.” “We are going to miss having him around.”

For me, he served as a companion, a father figure, and a guide all at the same time. This is a challenging situation.

Wills, a native of Washington, DC, graduated from the illustrious Cardozo High School.

Wills excelled in baseball, basketball, and football while a student at Cardozo, pitching and playing shortstop.

Wills was signed by the Dodgers in 1951, but it took him eight years to make it to the major leagues.


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