Maury Wills Wife: Who Is Maury Wills’ Wife Carla?

Maury Wills

One of the professional baseball players to have lived is Maury Wills. From 1959 until 1966, he played in Major League Baseball, primarily with the Los Angeles Dodgers. On October 2, 1932, he was born in Washington, D.C., in the United States. On September 19, 2022, he passed away. He participated in five All-Star seasons and seven All-Star games before he passed away.

In the 1962 MLB All-Star Game, he won the Most Valuable Player award. Additionally, he received Gold Glove awards in 1961 and 1962. Wills hit.281 over the course of a fourteen-year career that spanned 1,942 games and included 20 home runs, 458 RBI, 2,134 hits, 1,067 runs, 177 doubles, 71 triples, 586 stolen bases, and 552 bases on balls. He also had 586 stolen bases during his career. Additionally, 586 runs were scored against him.

He worked as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Dodgers Legend Bureau from 2009 until his passing in 2022. He originally entered the 2014 election for the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Golden Era Committee as a candidate in order for it to consider him for induction into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

Maury mills

Twelve votes are required from the committee to pass. Wills was defeated by just three votes in the election. All other candidates received the lowest number of votes as well. In 2022, he ran again for the Golden Days Era, but this time, he was denied admission due to a lack of support.

Who Is Maury Wills’ Wife Carla?

As at the time of Maury Wills’ death, he was married to Carla. The pair had six children together. Carla managed to keep details of her life private so there is nothing else known about her.

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