Gianni Clerici was a tennis player, pundit, and journalist in Italy. He was also a tennis commentator. On July 24th, 1930, Clerici was born in the Italian city of Como.

Meet Gianni Clerici Daughter Carlotta Clerici

Carlotta Clerici, who is the daughter of the journalist Gianni Clerici and was born on August 20th, 1965 in the city of Como, Italy.

It was in Como and Bellagio that she spent her infancy and adolescence. She began her theater studies in Milan, followed by a master’s degree in Paris, which is where she presently resides and works.

Together with directors Anne Coutureau, Mitch Hooper, and Yvan Garouel, he established the Théatre Vivant theater group in the year 2000.


Ce soir j’ovule, a funny and touching monologue that was produced in 2010 at the Théatre des Mathurins in Paris under the direction of Nadine Trintignant, also met with great success in Italy, where it was played by Antonella Nella.

Nadine Trintignant directed the production.


In 2015, L’Envol / Il Return was performed at the Stabile di Bolzano under the direction of Marco Bernardi. It was also performed at the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan.


His debut work of fiction, titled Éloge de la passion, was released by Denoel in France in the year 2017.


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