Meet Mariya Putina Vladimir Putin’s Daughter

Meet Mariya Putina Vladimir Putin’s Daughter

Mariya Putina, also known as Maria Vorontsova, is a Russian pediatric endocrinologist who is widely regarded as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eldest daughter.

Mariya Putina is 36 years old, having been born on April 28, 1985. Mariya Putina stands 5.38 feet tall. Vladimir Putin, Mariya Putina’s father, is the President of Russia.

Putina is married to Dutch businessman Jorrit Faassen. She is a graduate of Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University.

She is a fun-loving woman who is known for spending time and participating in activities in the Austrian resort town of Bad Gastein.

Putin’s oldest daughter, Natalia, and her younger sister, Katerina, spent some of their childhoods in Germany for safety reasons.

This was due to gang warfare regarding the Tambov Gang’s control of the energy trade in St Petersburg.

Mariya and her sister were the legal wards of Stasi Matthias Warnig, a friend of their father’s, during their stay in Germany.

After she and her sister returned to the nation, she enrolled in the German School in Moscow. She graduated from high school after 11 years and enrolled in college alongside her sister.

Her first certificate was from Saint Petersburg University in Biology. She returned to Moscow State University and earned a doctorate in medicine.

She earned her doctorate at Moscow’s Endocrinology Research Center. Mariya has become an expert on dwarfism as a result of her studies.

Her strong connection to her father’s career is claimed to be in the capacity of genetics adviser to him. Mariya is a businesswoman as well.

She is also a businesswoman, who is actively involved in the management of Nomeko, an $894 million cancer research facility. Mariya holds a 20% share in the business.

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