Roddy White fully named as Sharod Lamor “Roddy” White is an American Footballer born on November 2, 1981. He plays for the Atlantic Falcons. Roddy White has been well respected and renowned for the various moments he has enacted his skill sets and potentials with the Atlantic Falcons. Especially when we want to talk about his most touchdowns streak achievement.

Most renowned for his touchdowns as an earmarked feature to his credit. Roddy is the career touchdown leader of the Atlanta Falcons with sixty-three of those touchdowns.

From 1996 to 2021 touchdown history for the Falcons, Roddy White has surpassed the already leading individuals Julio Jones and Michael Turner who were ravaging the chance with 61 points each respectively.

Currently, he wields 2 points above his trailing rivals and he has the leading record trophy to his advantage.

Throughout his entire career, he made 808 passes for 10863 yards and 63 touchdowns. He joined the Falcons Ring of Honor during the 2019 season. He actually spent eleven seasons with the Falcons.

In 2005, against the Minnesota Vikings, he recorded 64 yards on 5 catches. In 2006, he was at his best against the Dallas Cowboys, 3 interceptions and 104 yards.

In 2007, White made seven receptions for 127 yards and a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers.

White became the first Falcon wide receiver in 1999 since Terance.


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