Michael Degan a German Israeli movie star, theatre actor, writer, and director died recently on April 9, 2022. Michael was born on January 31, 1932, in Chemnitz, Germany. Michael who was born in Chemnitz is a son of Jewish Parents.

His father Jacob Degan who was a professor of languages and businessman was known to have been imprisoned and later on, died out of torture leaving behind him and his mom. His mom Anna hid with Michael during a war at the time.

His schooling days say he gained a scholarship at one of the acting schools of the Deutsches Theater in East Berlin. He was known to have played Shakespeare’s Hamlet several 300 times.

He also played Hitler in Michael Kehlmann’s 1988 movie “Geheime Reichssache” He lastly among several others played Vice Questore Patta in the TV series Donna Leon. It will interest you to know that Degen also served as a soldier in Israel.

Michael has been married three times and has four children from his prior marriages.

Michael Degan
Michael Degan

Michael Degen Cause of Death

Although the cause of his death has not been determined, considering his age, he may have died of natural causes. His obituary, as well as the date of his burial and funeral, have yet to be released by his family.


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