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Michael Sze Cause Of Death: How Did Michael Sze Die?

Michael Sze Cho-Cheung, GBS, CBE, ISO, JP was a Hong Kong government official who served from June 1945 until May 19, 2022. From 1991 to 1994, he served as Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, and from 1994 to 1996, he served as Secretary of the Civil Service.

From 1996 until 2004, he served as Executive Director of the Trade Development Council (DTC) and chaired the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) Operations Review Committee until 2014.

He was raised on the Chinese mainland. He went to La Salle College and the University of Hong Kong after moving to Hong Kong. He worked at the Hong Kong government’s Home Affairs Department, Chief Secretariat, Trade Department, Marine Department, and Constitutional Affairs Department, among other bureaux and departments.

In the late 1970s, as District Officer of Kowloon, he recommended compensating consumers who were inconvenienced by the building of the Nathan Road Mass Transit Railway.

In 1991, he was named Secretary of the Interior. He was in charge of advocating the former Governor Chris Patten’s constitutional reform plan throughout his tenure. Despite the Beijing government’s strong opposition to Patten’s constitutional reform program, Sze backed it and was so chastised by them.

In 1994, he was named Civil Service Secretary. Contracts for expatriate public workers were automatically renewed at the time, which Chinese civil servants thought was unjust. On the eve of the Handover, he dissolved the system and began the process of localizing the civil service.

He served on Hong Kong’s Executive Council between 1992 and 1996. In 1996, just before the transfer, he announced his resignation from the civil service.

Michael Sze Cause Of Death: How Did Michael Sze Die?

Michael Sze died on May 19, 2022, after battling cancer for nearly 20 years. Even though his real cause of death is not yet revealed, there is a belief that Michael Sze died of cancer.

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