Target Field is a baseball stadium located in downtown Minneapolis’s historic industrial district. The Minnesota Twins, the state’s Major League Baseball club, play their home games there. The Target Corporation, situated in Minneapolis, is the company’s name. The MLB All-Star Game was held there in 2014.

The ballpark, which has a capacity of 39,504, first opened on April 12, 2010, and has since held the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

The ballpark is not “roof-ready” in any form and is open-air. It was built for baseball, but it may also be used for football and soccer games, outdoor concerts, and hockey games. Its banquet and meeting facilities are advertised for non-baseball and non-Twins activities.

Target Field Owners

The stadium is owned by Hennepin County and Minnesota Ballpark Authority.

Hennepin County is located in Minnesota, United States. Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city, serves as the county seat. The county bears the name of Father Louis Hennepin, a 17th-century adventurer. Minneapolis’ financial and manufacturing activities has a strong influence on the county’s eastern side.

The Minnesota Ballpark Authority on the other hand was established by the Legislature in 2006 to oversee the design and construction of developments.

Target Field Capacity

The ballpark, which has a capacity of 39,504,

Target Field Height And Size

Target Field has a height of 72 meters.

In size the following depicts ;

339 feet in left field (103 m)

377 feet to the left-center (115 m)

411 feet in the left corner of the center field (125 m)

Right corner of Center Field – 403 feet (123 m)

367 feet, right-center (112 m)

328 feet in right field (100 m)

Target Field Location And Address

Minneapolis, Minnesota; 1 Twins Way

Target Field Contact

For additional information on holding events under current state guidelines, feel free to visit or contact the Target Field Events Management at [email protected] or 612-659-3870.



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