Muhammad Baydoun Wife: Who Is Muhammad Baydoun Wife?

Muhammad Baydoun

Muhammad Baydoun was a moderate Lebanese politician who served as a member of the Lebanese parliament from 1992 until 2005.

He also served as minister of power and energy as recently as 2005. He participated in many rallies organized by the 14 March coalition.

Muhammad Baydoun
Muhammad Baydoun

Additionally, Baydoun was a government minister in several cabinets. As a member of Omar Karami’s cabinet, he served as minister of housing and cooperatives for the first time.

In this position, he served from December 24, 1990, to May 10, 1992. After that, he served as Rachid Al Solh’s minister of electricity and water resources for a period spanning from May 16 to October 30, 1992.

He was also a member of Salim Hoss’ cabinet from 1998 to 2000.

Prime Minister Rafik Hariri appointed Baydoun as minister of electrical and water resources in October 2000.

Nabih Berri, the leader of the Amal movement, removed Baydoun from his cabinet in March 2003.

The March 14 Coalition announced its support for Baydoun’s candidacy for Speaker of Parliament in October of that year.

Baydoun was also a member of the BL Bank’s board of directors and audit committee.

Muhammad Baydoun Wife: Who Is Muhammad Baydoun Wife?

As popular as he was, the late Muhammad Baydoun never shared any information about his wife to the media and general public.

There are no records about his relationship life.

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