Musa Yamak was a Turkish-born German boxer. Musa was a 75 times unbeaten light heavyweight champion who faced Hamza Wandera in his ninth professional bout on Saturday, May,14,2022.

Yamak who was noted for his victory in the WBFed International in 2021 had taken a shot in the second round in the local show in Buergerhaus, Garching.

Musa Yamak Children: Who Are Musa Yamak Children?
Musa Yamak Children: Who Are Musa Yamak Children?

He however tried to fight for the third round but collapsed in the ring and became unconscious. Yamak was quickly rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with suffering from a heart attack.

Yamak died at the hospital and it was reported that paramedics had a hard time trying to move him into the ambulance due to the distraction of fans and family members of the deceased boxer. He was 38 at the time of his death.

Who are Musa Yamak’s Children?

Musa Yamak has been trending for the past few after his death. Although there were friends and family at the scene, it has not been confirmed about their identities. So as of now, there is no information about the late boxer’s wife or girlfriend. There have not been any kids who have been mentioned by the boxer either.

Yamak’s family is yet to give a statement concerning his death.


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