President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed Kibaki’s death on Friday, calling it a “sad day for the country” and praising his predecessor as a great Kenyan and statesman.

The reason for death was not stated, but Kibaki had been in and out of hospitals as his health deteriorated in recent years.

Mwai Kibaki
Mwai Kibaki

“Mwai Kibaki will be remembered as a gentleman in Kenyan politics, a skilled debater, and a leader who guided the country’s progress,” Kenyatta said, announcing a period of mourning until his funeral.

“A true patriot whose legacy of civic responsibility will continue to inspire generations of Kenyans,” Kenyatta said of Kibaki.

Following the death of former President Mwai Kibaki, President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared a period of national mourning.

President Kenyatta indicated in his address to the country that the period of mourning will remain till Kibaki is laid to rest.

He declared that Kenya’s third President would be given a State Funeral, complete with full Military Honors and all protocols.

During the period of mourning, the Kenyan flag would be flown at half-mast in the State House and Kenyan diplomatic missions, according to the Head of State.

Where Will Mwai Kibaki Funeral Be Held?

Mwai Kibaki Funeral will be held at the Statehouse.


State House Road P.O Box: 40530-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.


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