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Nadia Sawalha Parents: Meet Nadim Sawalha and Roberta Sawalha

The Sawalha family has had a fair amount of their private lives depicted on our television screens. They’ve done it all, from stand-up comedy to television shows.

The theatrical experience is where Nadia Sawalha got her start. Her sister Julia Sawalha is a well-known actress, and her father is the Jordanian-born English actor Nadim Sawalha.

The success of her father’s acting career was a major factor in Nadia and her sister Julia’s decision to follow in his footsteps as actors.

 Meet Nadim Sawalha and Roberta Sawalha

Nadim Joakim Sawalha is a Jordanian-born British actor. He is the father of Nadia and Julia Sawalha, who also work in the entertainment industry.

The 82-year-old British actor has acted in numerous notable films and television shows, including The Spy Who Loved Me, Captain Abu Raed, and The Bill.

Sawalha was born in Madaba, which is located in Jordan, in 1935. He moved to Britain in the 1950s in order to study acting there.

Roberta Lane is the mother of Nadia and Julia Sawalha and the wife of Nadim Joakim Sawalha. Unlike her husband, Roberta is English.

According to Nadia, her mother was quite authoritarian and established rules for her and her sisters, such as what time we had to be home and the consequence of having our mouths cleaned with soap if we spoke profanity.

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