New York Giants Best Players 2021

Here are the top ten New York Giants Best Players. This list is compiled by myself based on statistics and other performances of the players I have come across.


New York Giants Best Players 2021

10. S Jabrill Peppers – This may appear to be a high ranking for Peppers, but he is coming off a strong season. His playmaking and energy are both crucial.

9. Nick Gates (C) — This ranking reflects my belief that Gates is a fantastic player as well as the reality that he is the leader of a position group that will determine the success or failure of the Giants in 2021.

8. Dexter Lawrence, DL – When everything is said and done, Sexy Dexter might be a top 5 player on our list.

7. L. B. Blake Martinez — He’s the brains behind Patrick Graham’s ever-changing defense on the field.

6. James Bradberry, CB – He is a top performer at one of the game’s most important positions.

5. Kenny Golladay, WR – The Giants are counting on him to be the game-changing receiver they paid him to be.

4. Logan Ryan, DB — Ryan’s ranking is arguably too high based on his talent alone. It indicates how important I consider his leadership to be.

3. DL Leonard Williams – On the Giants’ defense, Leonard Williams is the most important player.

2. Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants – The team’s best player. Fingers crossed that he’s still SAQUON BARKLEY.

1. Quarterback Daniel Jones – The Giants might win six games this season. They have a chance to win 11. The third-year quarterback is the biggest unknown. He is the most crucial member of their team.

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