Who Are They?

They are the greatest  New York Giants players that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Giants had the second-highest number of people inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, totaling 29. There were six Giants elected into the Hall of Fame in 1963, including Tim Mara; Mel Hein; Pete Henry; Cal Hubbard; and Jim Thorpe.

The most recent Giant to be honored was defensive end, Michael Strahan. Inductees like Larry Csonka, Ray Flaherty, Joe Guyon, Pete Henry, Arnie Herber, Cal Hubbard, Tom Landry, Don Maynard, Hugh McElhenny, and Kurt Warner all played for the New York Giants at some point in their careers.

Some Hall of Famers have stronger links to the team than others. There are seven players in the Hall of Fame who played their whole careers for the Giants.

Others who played for the Giants as well as other clubs have earned induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. When the Hall of Fame publishes its list of Hall of Famers by a franchise, it often links them to a specific club.

Here is a list of All New York Giants Players been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Player                                          Year Inducted

Alphonse (Tuffy) Leemans                1978
Arnie Herber                                     1966
Arnie Weinmeister                            1984
Benny Friedman                                2005
Don Maynard                                    1987
Emlen Tunnell                                    1967
Frank Gifford                                     1977
Fran Tarkenton                                  1986
Andy Robustelli                                 1971
Harry Carson                                      2006
Hugh McElhenny                               1970
Jim Thorpe                                        1963
Joe Guyon                                         1966
Ken Strong                                        1967
Kurt Warner                                      2017
Larry Csonka                                     1987
Lawrence Taylor                                1999
Mel Hein                                           1963
Michael Strahan                                2014
Morris (Red) Badgro                         1981
Morten Andersen                              2017
Ray Flaherty                                      1976
Robert (Cal)  Hubbard                      1963
Roosevelt Brown                              1975
Sam Huff                                          1982
Steve Owen                                      1966
Wilbur (Pete) Henry                         1963
Y.A. Tittle                                         1971
Steve Owen                                     1966


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