New York Jets Greatest Defensive Tacklers In History – New York Jets Best Defensive Tacklers Of All-Time

The New York Jets are a pro Football team headquartered in New York City. A member of the American Football Conference East, the New York Jets play professional football in the National Football League.

As part of the defensive line, defensive tackles are positioned toward the middle. It is their primary responsibility to rush the passer and halt any players who attempt to cross the line of scrimmage toward the center.

Here is a list of the top 5 New York Jets Best Defensive Tacklers Of All-Time

1. Joe Klecko

In the 1977 NFL draft, the New York Jets selected Joe Klecko in the sixth round, making him one of the best drafts steals in Jets history. At defensive end, nose tackle, and defensive tackle, Klecko holds a unique distinction in NFL history.

When he was shifted from defensive end to tackle in 1983, he was named to the Pro Bowl for the second year in a row.

2. Kris Jenkins

Before joining the Jets in 2008, Kris Jenkins was a long-time member of the Carolina Panthers. While playing for the Carolina Panthers, he was selected to many Pro Bowls and brought that same experience to the New York Jets. Jenkins made his fourth and final Pro Bowl appearance in 2008, recording 3.5 sacks and 37 tackles.

3. Jason Ferguson

In the 12-4 season of 1998, Ferguson became the Jets’ starting defensive tackle and recorded 42 tackles and four sacks in his first full season in the league.

While playing for the Jets for seven years, Ferguson was an important cog in the defensive line, appearing in 83 of his team’s 101 contests. Ferguson had 344 tackles and 21.5 sacks throughout that span.

4. Sione Po’uha

During the 2005 NFL draft, the New York Jets selected Sione Po’uha in the third round. The Jets’ end players and linebackers were able to get most of the attention because of his ability to handle double teams. In spite of his back problems, Po’uha had two seasons of at least 30 tackles before being forced to retire.

5. Abdul Salaam

The New York Jets selected Abdul Salaam in the seventh round of the NFL draft in 1976. In 1977, he became a starter and stayed that way until 1983. Although the stat had yet to be finalized, he was part of the “New York Sack Exchange” front, which was noted for establishing the record for sacks in a season.

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