Nigerian Twitter Girl Chinelo Cause of Death: What Killed Chinelo?

What Killed Chinelo?

Chinelo was shot and murdered by armed Bandits on the Kaduna-bound train.

Dr. Chinelo was killed in the Kaduna train incident yesterday. She tweeted a prayer request after she was shot. Some mocked her and made fun of her. It was confirmed this morning that she had died.

Megafu Chinelo, a young doctor slain at the Abuja-Kaduna canal reef on Monday, was scheduled to leave the country on Friday, according to a friend.

On Monday night, bandits ambushed a train traveling from Abuja to Kaduna, according to SaharaReporters.

Before attacking passengers, gunmen allegedly blew up train rails.

When terrorists attacked the train, the dentist was one of around 970 passengers on board.

Chinelo rushed to Twitter shortly after the incident, at 9.43 p.m., to ask Nigerians to pray for her.

“I’m on the train. I was shot, please pray for me,” she tweeted.

Chinelo: Twitter User Who Was Shot During The Kaduna Train Attack Has Died  - Politics - Nigeria


“Dr. Chinelo lived an honest life, she worked at St Gerard’s Hospital in Kaduna, she desired more of herself, she processed her documents to Get out of this hell hole,” a friend of the dead tweeted on Tuesday.

“She quit last month and was scheduled to leave the country on Friday when this happened. “Why Nigeria?”

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