Nolan Neal Biography

Nolan Neal is known to be a Nashville musician who is known to have reportedly passed away at the time. Nolan was known to have appeared as a contestant on Americans Got Talent as well as The Voice. According to sources, the music artist was said to have been found dead in his residence on Monday at the time. Nolan was said to be 41 years old at the time of his passing.

His stance on America’s Got Talent will be one of the memorable moments as far as the year 2020 performance was concerned at the time season 15 was in session. His original song which he titled “Send Me A Butterfly”, “Lost” and so on were said to have earned him a standing ovation from the judges at the time.

It was recounted in the year 2016 that Neal made an appearance on BBC’s The Voice where he performed his Incubus song titled “Drive”. His sad passing away was announced on his said official page Nolan Neal Navy.

Nolan Neal’s Net Worth

Nolan Neal’s estimated net worth at the time of his passing was $700,000.

Nolan Neal’s Wife And Children

Neal is said to be a married man at the time with two children. But the identity of his wife is unknown.

Nolan Neal
Nolan Neal

Nolan Neal Parents

Nolan Neal’s parent’s identity is not known, however, his dad was reportedly known to be a drummer and a music-related personality.

Nolan Neal Age.

Nolan is said to have passed away at the age of 41 years.


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