Paul Farmer had three children before he became late. Sebastian Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer and Catherine Farmer are his children.

Paul Edward Farmer was an American medical anthropology and physician who lived from October 26, 1959, to February 21, 2022. Farmer received his MD and Ph.D. from Harvard University, where he was the Kolokotrones University Professor and chair of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.

He was the co-founder and chief strategist of Partners In Health (PIH), a worldwide non-profit organization that has offered direct health care services, as well as research and advocacy, to the ill and impoverished since 1987.

Paul Farmer was a professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the director of the Division of Global Health Equity.

Meet Sebastian Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer, and Catherine Farmer, The Children Of Paul Farmer

Sebastian Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer, and Catherine Farmer were are the children of the late Dr. Paul Farmer.

Sebastian Farmer is the sole son of Paul Farmer, and he is a quiet and reserved young gentleman.

Elizabeth Farmer is one of Paul Farmer’s daughters, however, there is very little information available about her.

Catherine Farmer, one of Paul Farmer’s daughters, is a social activist who works with several organizations.


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