Paul George Children: Meet Paul George’s Daughter Olivia George

Who is Paul George

Paul George is a professional basketball player in the United States who now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is a small forward, which is one of the five positions in a basketball game.

He was born in California and reared in a home that valued athletic achievement. Kobe Bryant served an influence on him as a young basketball player.

George’s older sister taught him how to play the game for the first time. He didn’t start playing organized basketball until his freshman year of high school.

He then went on to play varsity basketball for the final three years of high school, as well as two seasons of college basketball.

Meet Paul George’s Daughter Olivia George

Olivia George is the daughter of Paul George, a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, and his girlfriend, Daniela Rajic. Rajic and George’s firstborn child is her.

Olivia, who was born in the mid-2010s, is now a famous child with her own fan base, whether it’s because she’s been featured on her parents’ social media accounts or because she has a great bond with her father and mother.

For her gorgeous glow and outright befuddling adolescence, the all-smiles little girl is one to keep an eye on. Olivia’s birth, as lovely as she has become over the years, was fraught with controversy for her parents. She is now a beautiful baby, and her parents adore her.


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