Paul O’Neill is an American former baseball right fielder who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB).

“Chick” O’Neill, a former minor league pitcher whose father played professional baseball, instilled his knowledge and passion for the game in all six of his children.

Molly O'Neill
Molly O’Neill

Paul’s great-grandfather, a Nebraska homesteader, married Mary Clemens, a cousin of Mark Twain’s cousin Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Molly, Paul’s sister, is a New York Times culinary reviewer.

When Paul O’Neill was five years old, his family moved into a larger house with a large, grassy, tree-shaded backyard that served as the perfect template for a makeshift baseball field, where the kids spent hours playing pickup games and competing in home run contests.

O’Neill grew up in Ohio in the 1960s and early 1970s, so he was a natural fan of the Cincinnati Reds.

Chick took Paul to his first major league game at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field in the summer of 1970, where the Reds were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The younger O’Neill was smitten by the Bucs’ right fielder, Roberto Clemente, a four-time batting champion and 12-time Gold Glove winner who wore uniform number 21.

Paul O’Neill Siblings: Who is Paul O’Neill’s Sister Molly O’Neill?

Paul O’Neill has a sister called Molly O’Neill. Molly O’Neill was the host of the PBS series Great Food and a food columnist for The New York Times Magazine for a decade.

She wrote three cookbooks, including the award-winning The New York Cookbook, and her work featured in many national journals.


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