Paul Poloczek Cause Of Death: How Did Paul Poloczek Die?

Paul Poloczek

Paul Poloczek, a professional bodybuilder, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 37 just a few hours after leaving a competition.

It is unknown what caused the Polish athlete’s death; he was last seen in Germany, where he was competing in the NPC Worldwide Championship.

After beginning his athletic career as a football player, Poloczek transitioned into the sport of bodybuilding when he was still a teenager.

The 37-year-old guy was born in Poland but has lived most of his life in Germany. He moved to Germany in 2002 and became a franchisee of the Powerhouse Gym chain before eventually becoming the owner.

Poloczek won his first race at the age of 17, just one year after he began competing in the sport. Later on in his career, in 2012, he competed at the German Championships in the super-heavyweight division and finished in second place.

Poloczek’s widow announced her husband’s death on Instagram over the weekend. On May 28, she posted a picture of a black ribbon and a picture of Poloczek and wrote:

“You were obsessed with bodybuilding. Please know that your memory will not be forgotten. Thank you very much for everything.”

How Did Paul Poloczek Die?

It is unknown what caused the Polish athlete’s death. It’s still unclear how the pro bodybuilder died, as neither his wife nor his physicians have publicly confirmed the cause of death.

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