Peter Brook was a notable theater director who was known for directing groundbreaking performances based on the works of great playwrights.

Peter Brook, the son of Russian scientists who emigrated to the United Kingdom and settled in London, was born there in 1925.

At the age of seven, the precocious Brook presented his own four-hour adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Despite his aversion for traditional education, Brook has always had a passion for learning.

Brook was one of the youngest students ever to enroll as an undergraduate at Oxford University, where he attended after spending two years in Switzerland recovering from a glandular ailment.

At the same time, he was writing scripts for television advertisements and presenting Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus, his first professional stage production, to audiences in London.

Who is Peter Brook’s Grandchild Prosper Jemmett?

Prosper Jemmett is the son of Irina Brook and Dan Jemmett. Peter has an older sister called Maïa Jemmett and his uncle is Simon Brooks. Mostly almost all his family members are in the entertainment world.

His mom is an actress and a producer. His dad Dan is also a producer. His sister is also an actress who featured in one of her mom’s production “Romeo and Juliet”.

His grandparents Peter was a film and theatre director and Nancy was an Actress.



  1. Mavuso TSHABALALA Reply

    In 1986 I was the only actor from South African selected to the creation of the English version of the MAHABHARATA. I arrived last as I was not informed earlier about the auditions at Market Theatre in Johannesburg. A fellow actor passed my house and akse me what I was doing at home when Peter Brook was auditioning for the MAHABHARATA. He gave me a taxi fare and I went to meet Marie-Hélène and Peter. I auditioned and they asked me to come back the following day. Marie-Hélène and Peter came to my rescue with taxi fare for the following day. Early in March 1987 I found myself infront of Les Bouffes du Nord Theatre in Paris.
    I now live in Switzerland and my wish is to pay my last respect to Peter Brook. Information concerning his funeral and resting will be greatly and humly appreciated. Hamba Kahle, Hamba Ngoxolo (Bon voyage et repos en paix)

    Mavuso Mavuso

    • Information concerning the funeral date is not out yet. We will update you as soon as they are made available to us. Accept our condolence

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