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Peter Brook Parents: Meet Ida Jansen and Simon Brook

Peter Stephen Paul Brook is an English producer-director of Shakespeare’s plays whose daring productions of the works of other dramatists greatly contributed to the development of the avant-garde theatre in the 20th century.

Brook directed his first Shakespeare play, King John, for the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in 1945. Brook was one of the most prominent British directors at a young age.

Because of his significant achievements in the field of art, he was presented with India’s fourth highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri, in the year 2021.

Brook was the second son of Simon Brook and his wife Ida (Jansen), both of whom were Jewish Lithuanian immigrants from Latvia.

Brook was born in the Bedford Park neighborhood of Chiswick, which is located in London.

The address of the family house in Turnham Green was 27 Fairfax Road. Alexis, who was his older brother, went on to become a psychiatrist and a therapist.

Valentin Pluchek, who was his first cousin once removed, was the head director of the Moscow Satire Theatre.

The educational institutions that Brook attended include Westminster School, Gresham’s School, and Magdalen College in Oxford.

Due to an illness that Brook had suffered from as a child, he was exempt from serving in the military during World War II.

Who is Ida Jansen

Ida Jansen is the mother of Peter Brooks. She is of  Lithuanian Jewish ancestry. There is currently limited information about her

Who is Simon Brook

Simon Brook is the Father of Peter Brooks. He was a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant from Latvia. Information about him is a stub.

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