The most recent season of Big Brother Naija, called Level Up, debuted with two sets of 12 housemates apiece at the start. Fans are already pulling for some of them, with China, one of the initial group of housemates, being particularly well-liked.

The insiders predict that the housemates would stay for 72 days, which will be used to amuse African and international fans. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu allegedly welcomed the housemates into the home yesterday. The roommates’ excitement was obvious enough to hint at a thrilling event to come.

One of the housemates, Pharmsavi, is from Nigeria’s Akwa Ibon State and goes by the name Savior Ikin Akpan. He is reputed to have been a licensed pharmacist for nearly 30 years and to have practiced pharmacy. Pharmsavi describes himself as an outgoing, confident, multi-talented extrovert with “a terrific sense of humor.” He has a positive outlook on life in general and acting in particular, and he soon hopes to make acting his career.


Which State Does Pharmsavi BBN Come From?

Pharmsavi whose full name is Savior Ikin Akpan is from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria and is aged 25 years at the time. He is known to be a vast social air. He is the kind who is known to value cleanliness disorder because according to him.


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