There are a lot of Philadelphia Eagles fans out there. Even though they haven’t enjoyed the success they had hoped for since its founding in July 1933, they’ve had their share of legends and Hall of Famers. With one Super Bowl title and three, NFL titles are all it takes for the Eagles to be considered one of the best in franchise history.

The Eagles have had their ups and downs throughout the years, but their faithful supporters have always been by their side, and it’s hard to blame them considering the number of outstanding players they’ve had.

Here is a list of 5 Philadelphia Eagles Best Players Of All Time

1. Reggie White

Reggie White is one of the all-time great NFL players, and not only for his time with the Eagles. 
He has the most sacks in team history with 124.0. Few players in the NFL can boast a season with 11 sacks. To be honest, it was his most disappointing season in his role as the Eagles’ defensive.

2. Chuck Bednarik

As a center and linebacker, Chuck Bednarik was one of the last two-way greats in the NFL. It didn’t take long for him to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after ultimately retiring.

3. Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins, an NFL draft pick in the second round in 1996, stood out in Philadelphia as a man amongst boys. As a defensive end who could play in zone, man-to-man, or even on the blitz, he provided the Eagles an enormous presence all over the field. When it comes to total games played, he is one of the few players in NFL history to have played more than 180.

4. Steve Van Buren

During his eight seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Steve Van Buren made five all-pro teams. 
When Van Buren was player, he led the league in running yards four times.

5. Pete Pihos

In an age when aerial assaults were rare, Pihos excelled as a right tight end. But from 1947 through 1955, he was an integral part of the Eagles’ offensive line, earning six Pro Bowl selections and five All-Pro honors.



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