Phyna BBNaija Biography

Ijeoma Josephine Octobor was the name given to Phyna when she was born in Nigeria in 1997. She has been performing since she was 25 years old. Phyna hails from Nigeria, namely the Edo State.

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor is Phyna’s true name. Phyna is an alias. Her graduation from high school is one of the highlights of her life, as well as one of her many abilities, which is fixing broken household items.

Phyna has just one objective in mind when it comes to entering the Big Brother Naija House: she wishes to have a positive impact on the world.

Ijeoma says that she is unable to tolerate maliciousness in others. She has a short fuse and may argue with someone for one minute,

then chat to them the next as if nothing happened between them in the previous minute. She does not have a boyfriend and is of the opinion that she was destined to be a performer.


Name: Phyna
Real Name: Ijeoma Josephine
Age: 25 years
Date of Birth: 1998
State of Origin: Edo State
Boyfriend: Single
Occupation: Hypeman, Singer
Net Worth: $10,000

Net Worth

Phyna BBNaija has an estimated net worth of $10,000

Real Name

Phyna was born Ijeoma Josephina

Date of Birth

She was Octobor in 1997 in Nigeria.


Phyna is from the Edo State in Nigeria.


Her parents are not known at the moment


The Instagram account for Phyna has not yet been made public.


She is currently 25 years old

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