Qin Yi Obituary, Tribute, Cause Of Death & Funeral

Qin Yi

Qin Yi, the national honorary title “People’s Artist,” a well-known film performance artist, and a national first-class actor died on May 9 at 4:08 a.m. at Shanghai East China Hospital.

It’s a century old. On January 31, 1922, Qin Yi was born in Shanghai. Mrs. Fanglin from “Railway Guerrilla,” Ma Lan from “Ma Lan Hua Kai,” and Lin from “Basketball No. 5” are among the characters she has created.

Jie and a slew of other iconic female characters have been witnesses to and cultivators of China’s century-long film history.

His debut film, “The Good Husband,” was released in 1939. The thriller film “Japanese Spy,” in which he starred, was released in 1943. In 1948, she starred in the romantic comedy “Distant Love.”

Qin Yi Tribute

Qin Wen, who was born on April 1, 1928, took up acting after his sister. Qin Yi, who had become a major star in Chongqing, returned to her home in Shanghai after the War of Resistance Against Japan was won.

Her sister Qin Wen, a shipyard worker, informed her that she wanted to learn acting since she was beautiful and talented in literature and art. Qin Wen was inspired to read more by my sister.

Qin Wen, 19, was accepted into the Shanghai Academy of Drama’s acting department in this way.

He worked as an actor in the Jidong Cultural Industry Troupe, Tangshan Cultural Industry Troupe, Kunlun Film Studio, Shanghai Film Studio, and Beijing Film Studio after graduation.

Qin Yi Cause Of Death & Funeral

Qin Yi’s cause of death has not been revealed yet and her family is yet to announce the date of her burial.

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