Queen Elizabeth II has been reported dead. The news was first reported by Rap TV on its Twitter platform with the caption “JUST IN: Queen Elizabeth has passed away,” the tweet by RapTv read.

The news is fast spreading as it has ignited varied opinions as to whether it is true or false.

About 9 hours ago, Queen Elizabeth II was reported to have canceled her virtual engagements after she tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 two days ago.

It was speculated that she canceled the virtual events as her situation with covid worsened in the early hours of today, Tuesday 22nd February 2022.

Queen Elizabeth Age: How Many Years does Queen Elizabeth Have?

Queen Elizabeth II died on February 22, 2022, aged 95. The cause of her death is yet to be revealed.

Queen Elizabeth II Cause Of Death

Operation London Bridge has gone into operation when the Royal Palace disclosed that 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for covid. This information clarifies her state of health, which is steady with just slight symptoms.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet will meet Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at St Pancras Station, and the new king, formerly known as Prince Charles, will begin a tour of the United Kingdom in advance of her funeral.


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