Celebrity fashion designer Quiteria, who dressed Beyoncé, has died aged 38 following a short battle with cancer.

The fashion designer was known to have died after he was diagnosed with cancer that killed him whiles at his home in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Fashion designer Quiteria Kekana
Fashion designer Quiteria Kekana

In the year 2021, Quiteria was pronounced to have an illness known as multiple myeloma which grew and became much more serious.

According to reports, the fashion icon was undergoing a treatment phase known as the second phase of chemotherapy when he, unfortunately, passed away.

Leboganag relocated to South Africa after he was diagnosed with the illness and revealed that he would be able to fight and win against the sickness but unfortunately passed away.

The fashion designer who dressed many celebrities like Beyonce left behind a son as well as a puppy.

Quiteria Leboganag Kekana Cause Of Death

Quiteria Leboganag is said to have passed away after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma which happens to be cancer that he had in 2021.

How Did Quiteria Leboganag Kekana Die?

Quiteria Leboganag died in her residence in South Africa whiles undergoing a second phase of treatment after suffering from a sickness known as multiple myeloma


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