Ramadan is a period of fasting in the Islamic religion. Muslims use this period to seek Allah’s face and pray for forgiveness of sins. Muslims believe that the practice of fasting is necessary for believers to attain the fear of Allah and be closer to him.

Ramadan is observed in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is observed over 30 days. During the Ramadan period, Muslims across the globe abstain from food, drinks and anything that will cause them to sin.



In most countries, Muslims are given a break from work and school and in other places working and school hours are cut short. They start the day with a meal to begin the fast and avoid eating and drinking the rest of the day till it’s time to break the fast at sunset.

During the Ramadan period, Muslims also devote almost all their time to prayers and charitable acts. They abstain from sex and smoking too and make sure to live a holy life during this period.

What do Muslims eat during Ramadan?

Muslims are allowed to eat anything during Ramadan. They usually consume healthy foods and snacks when it is time to break their fast but are not allowed to eat or drink anything once they begin the day’s fast.


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