Rashard Anderson Weight: How Much Does Rashard Anderson Weigh?

Rashard Anderson

The American National Football League cornerback Rashard T. Anderson is well-known and was at the time presumed deceased. Rashard, an American football player, is reputed to have appeared in the National Football League for two seconds. Between 2000 and 2001, he was known to have participated in games for the Carolina Panthers. Rashard, who was born in Forest, Mississippi, on June 14, 1977, was known to have passed away on July 13, 2022.

As a professional American footballer, he commenced his career by making his National Football League first appearance in the year September 3, 2000, with the Panthers when he was the age of 23 at the time. At the time of his first gameplay, they recorded a loss of 20-17 against the Washington Redskins. In his debut season, he made an appearance number of 12 games in total for that particular season. The 2001 season in particular ended with him recording several 47 tackles at the time.

In the year 2002 on May 23, he was known to have been suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy which shuns on narcotism. However he got reinstated and released by the Panthers at the same time. He was known to have retired from football and got a job as a teacher as well as an assistant football coach before his passing.

Rashard Anderson
Rashard Anderson

How Much Does Rashard Anderson Weigh?

Rashard is known to have a weight of 205 Ib in a 93 kilogram weight amount.

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