Richard Wagner Children: Who Are Richard Wagner Children?

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner was 85 when he died after a long career on the CBS Evening News as Richard Wagner. Donna Lewis-Wagner, Wagner’s wife, confirmed his death, saying he passed away in their Charlottesville, Virginia, home.

The former CBS news correspondent is most recognized for his contributions to the network’s coverage of the Vietnam War.

Richard Wagner CBS
Richard Wagner CBS

When Walker Cronkite and Dan Rather were the anchors of CBS Evening News, Wagner was a frequent guest. In 1964, while stationed in Saigon, he began his career with CBS News as a reporter and cameraman.

In Vietnam, he covered the conflict at a period when the military’s operations and access to fighting zones were restricted.

Wagner was stationed in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle in the United States.

From Three Mile Island’s nuclear catastrophe to the Challenger disaster and the actions of neo-Nazis in the Northwest to the World Series and the Boston Marathon, he covered national politics and events.

In his 30 years with CBS News, Wagner covered every state and at least 50 countries.

Richard Wagner Children: Who Are Richard Wagner Children?

It is unclear whether the late CBS war correspondent Richard Wagner have children or not. Richard, while alive barely spoke about his personal family.

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