Rihanna Daughter Adopted

Singer Rihanna has never hidden the fact that she sincerely adores children. She has always been perceived to be very close to her cousin Noella Alstrom’s daughter, Majesty, and as a result, she has been misunderstood to be Majesty’s mother.

However, Majesty is neither her biological daughter nor a kid that she has adopted.

According to a source from 2011, Rihanna has expressed interest in adopting a child from Haiti stating she is terrified of giving birth. She disclosed that she would like to have a family by adopting a child from the country of Haiti, which is located in the Caribbean.

She is adamant about adopting a kid from Haiti, and she has just enlisted the assistance of attorneys in making the necessary connections. According to the reports.

A report from 2011 indicates that she did not feel prepared to become a parent at that time. She expressed her desire to become a mother in an interview with Radio City 96.7 in Liverpool, England.

She said, “I’m pretty terrified of the actual childbirth scenario, but I really want to be a mom one day.” I don’t care if I have to rely on adoption; I want to be a mother.

Having said that, this report has not been updated if the adoption took place or not. On the other hand, Rihanna gave birth to a child in 2022.

On May 13, the diva shared the news that she had given birth to her first child, a boy. A$AP Rocky is the newborn child’s biological father.

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