Major League Baseball rivalries have erupted between a variety of teams and towns throughout the league’s existence. Rivalries have erupted for a variety of causes, the most common of which being geographic closeness, familiarity with the opponents, numerous incidents, and cultural, linguistic, or national pride, to name a few examples.

Tampa Bay Rays Vs Toronto Blue Jays Rivalries

If stingrays had lips, they’d be licking them right now, if they had any.

The Tampa Bay Rays have stumped the Toronto Blue Jays more times than any other team in baseball history. Even when the Rays were at their worst, they were still able to put a halt to a Blue Jays winning streak in a single game.

In two meetings with Toronto this season, the Rays have won both, and they hope to complete a sweep of the Blue Jays on Canada Day.

John A. MacDonald is probably rolling over in his grave right now. John McDonald must be turning pitches into double plays on a regular basis.

It’s a puzzle to me. Over the last three seasons, the Blue Jays have gone 16-22 against the Rays. It’s difficult to watch in a division that punishes losses like the one suffered by Frank Castle.


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