Robert Bruce Ford was the 64th mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. He was a Canadian politician and businessman.

Ford was a city councilor serving Ward 2 Etobicoke North before and during his stint as mayor. He was initially elected to Toronto City Council in the municipal election of 2000, and he has since been re-elected twice.

Several personal and work-related problems and legal proceedings plagued his political career, particularly during his mayoralty. He was involved in a substance misuse scandal in 2013, which was widely reported in national and international media.

Ford refused to retire after his admission, but the city council agreed to delegate some mayoral duties and staff to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly for the balance of Ford’s term.

Ford took a break from work to seek help for his alcohol and drug addictions. Despite the incident, Ford ran for mayor in the October 2014 election. However, after being hospitalized and diagnosed with an abdominal tumor in September 2014, Ford dropped out of the race and instead registered to compete for his old city council position.

John Tory succeeded him as mayor on December 1, 2014, while Ford regained his former seat. Ford received treatment for cancer, and was able to return briefly to the council, but died in March 2016 after chemotherapy was ineffective.

Meet Stephanie Ford and Doug Ford

Ford married Renata Brejniak in August 2000 at All Saints Roman Catholic Church in Etobicoke, whom he had known in high school. Since Brejniak’s divorce from her first husband in February 1996, they had been dating. Ford died in 2016 in Etobicoke, where he resided with Renata and their two children, Stephanie and Doug.

Stephanie and Doug witnessed many fights between their parents. In 2015, Rob Ford said that he told his children he was going to be OK, but explaining his illness to them was very difficult


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