Robin Parkinson Children: Meet Sarah Parkinson And Rebecca Parkinson

Robin Parkinson Children

Robin Parkinson Children: Meet Sarah Parkinson And Rebecca Parkinson

Christopher Robin Parkinson (25 October 1929 was an English actor known for his comedy roles. He is widely known because of ‘Allo’Allo! a movie series where he played the role of Monsieur Ernest Leclercin this was after the death of the first portrayer Derek Royle.

Robin was a familiar face of comedy in the 1970s and 1980s and was also the narrator of Button Moon. He had three daughters Sarah, Rebecca, and Charlotte and he had a successful career.

Robin died on 5 May 2022 at an old age of 92 years old.

Christopher Robin Parkinson

Let’s take a look at two of his daughters. Sarah and Rebecca.

Robin Parkinson’s daughter: Sarah Parkinson

Sarah is the first daughter of Robin. She was born on the 6th of June 1962. She grew up to be an English writer and producer of radio and television programs. Just like her father, Sarah had he hands at acting too and would be part of the performers of the Week Ending series during its later episodes.

Maybe Sarah’s father’s actions had such a good effect on her as she would also marry a comedienne called Paul Merton.

She worked on a number of projects with her comedian husband Merton, which included writing Suicidal Dog, a short film that marked Merton’s debut as a director. Suicidal Dog was shown on BBC2. She also helped to devise and write a number of productions for BBC Radio 2  and 4 too.

Sarah Parkinson And her husband Paul Merton

Sarah was tragically diagnosed in February 2002 with one of the dreadful cancers in women, Breast cancer. She however declined chemotherapy saying that would finish her off. Instead, she opted for natural remedies such as good nutrition and yoga, and loads of laughter daily coupled with positive thinking. She lived a full happy life but cancer would suddenly overtake her and on 23rd September 2003, Sarah would die. She was 41years old when she died. There are no records of Sarah having children.

Robin Parkinson’s daughter: Rebecca Parkinson

Unlike Sarah, There is no known information on Rebecca Parkinson.

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