Roman Kutuzov Parents: Who Is Roman Kutuzov Mother? Who Is Roman Kutuzov Father?

Roman Kutuzov

Roman Kutuzov was a Russian Major General, killed in the Russo-Ukrainian War. A prominent Russian general has been killed during severe fighting in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine, according to Russian state media.

A reporter for the state-owned Rossiya 1 news agency stated that Maj Gen Roman Kutuzov was killed conducting an attack on a Ukrainian town in the region.

Roman Kutuzov
Roman Kutuzov

According to Alexander Sladkov, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic put Gen. Kutuzov in command of its military. According to reports, Russia’s defense ministry has refused to comment.

Gen Kutuzov’s death has been confirmed by Ukraine’s military, but no other information has been provided. Commanders have been sent to the front in an effort to speed up their invasion, and Moscow has reported that four top generals have been killed.

At least seven top commanders have been slain, according to Western intelligence agencies, while Kyiv claims to have killed 12 generals.

Reports of the deaths of numerous more Russian officials have caused some confusion, though. Ukrainian forces claimed to have murdered three generals, however, their whereabouts have since been discovered to be unknown.

Roman Kutuzov Parents: Who Is Roman Kutuzov Mother?

The parents of the late major general Roman Kutuzov remain unknown at the moment. He kept his personal life discrete before his death.

Who Is Roman Kutuzov Father?

There are no records of Roman Kutuzov’s father at the moment.

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