During the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Roman Vladimirovich Kutuzov was a Russian Major General who was killed in action.

Kutuzov held the rank of colonel in the Russian Armed Forces, where he was in charge of the 38th Separate Communications Regiment of the Russian Airborne Forces (military unit 54164).

In 2017, he served as the acting commander of the 5th Combined Arms Army. During the year 2019, he held the position of acting commander of the 29th Combined Arms Army.

Kutuzov worked his way up through the ranks to become the chief of staff of the 29th Combined Arms Army by the year 2020. Kutuzov held the position of commander of the 1st Army Corps in Donetsk up to the day he passed away on June 5, 2022.

He was killed in Ukraine during the fighting for Severdonetsk-Lysychansky. The conflict was taking place throughout the country.

Russian military blogger Telegram Group was the one who first reported his death, which was subsequently confirmed by Russian state media.

In reference to a well-known Soviet military figure, he went on to say, “He became famous as a man who admired Mr Zhukov’s techniques very much.”

He said that General Kutuzov had dispatched two brigades to the assault, but that they had sustained terrible losses, and that as a result, he had no choice but to personally support the assault.

Roman Kutuzov’s Wife: Is Roman Kutuzov Married?

There is very little information available on his wife and other members of his family.

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