Ron Rice was the founder of the Hawaiin Tropic which is the largest privately owned manufacturer of suncare products in the world. Ron Rice was a student at the University of Tennesse, Knoxville. Rice has passed away today, May 19, in his home.

A Facebook post read “It is with much sorrow, that Ron’s family would like everyone to know of his passing this morning”.

Ron Rice Biography: Real Age, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Cause Of Death
Ron Rice Biography: Real Age, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Cause Of Death

Ron was a very hard worker. After his university life, He got a job as a high school teacher and football coach. He earned $5000 per year and was happy with his life.

Ron Rice’s Real Age

Rice was 81 at the time of his death.

Ron Rice Career

Rice was a teacher in the 1960s and later became an entrepreneur who dealt with Suncare products.

The famous entrepreneur was noted for starting his business using just a trash can and a broken broomstick to mix together a concoction that was suitable for preventing sunburns. Ron was a chemistry teacher at a local high school and one day when he saw some bottles of Coppertone Suntan, he thought to himself that he could do it too.

His knowledge of chemistry was the reason he was able to start producing the lotion and before long he was making money. He started a marketing plan which involved pageantry where the ladies would help promote the lotions at places they visited during the contests.

Ron Rice’s Wife

Rice married Darcy Lynn LaPier in 1991. Darcy was an American actress and model. The marriage lasted for only three years as they divorced in 1993. Darcy later got married to popular actor Jean Claude Van Damme.

Ron Rice’s Children

Rice had one child during his marriage with Darcy who is Sterling-Rice (born on July 12, 1990) and is 31 years old. Sterling is currently a jewelry designer at a company named “Sterling-Rice Original” after her short career in acting.

Ron Rice’s Net Worth

Rice had an estimated worth of $30 million from the sales of sun care lotions. Whilst this amount is not confirmed a friend of his said the whole company of the Hawaiian Tropic could amount to $30 million which is used as his net worth in 2022.

Ron Rice’s Cause Of Death

Rice died today, May 19 after suffering from failing health during these past months. He passed in his Ormond beachfront home.




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